Edith Reed had Christmas on her mind

In this blog I have begun to explore translators, for their words have formed much of our hymnody.  One such translator was Edith Margaret Gelibrand Reed, born in Islington, London on March 31, 1885.  She attended St. Leonard’s School in St. Andrew’s and the Guildhall School of Music in London.  While working for the Royal College of Organists, she edited Music and Youth and The Musical Student.  She edited Panpipes, a music magazine for children.  Her interests went beyond the here and now for she wrote a book, Story-lives of Great Composers in 1925. With such a musical background, it’s not surprising that she arranged musical compositions.  In the infancy of cinema, before talkies, the action was accompanied by music, often on the organ.  Edith wrote about film music in Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly.  Her first article was “Picture Theatre Music Articles and Notes for Musical Directors and Players” in 1916.  But her greatest claim to fame today is as the translator of the Polish carol, “W Zlobie Lezy”.  Today, we know it as “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly”.  Her translation and musical arrangement of this lovely Christmas hymn  is found in most denominational hymnals today.    It reminds us that Christ the Babe was born for you, something to contemplate this season and throughout the year.   Christmas was very meaningful to her for she wrote two Christmas plays.  Edith packed a lot of accomplishment in an all too short life, passing away at age 48 in Herfordshire in 1933.  How I wish I could be so productive!

One thought on “Edith Reed had Christmas on her mind

  1. Krzysztof Stawicki says:

    Thank you for your precious information about Edith Reed

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