Elvina Mable Hall, daydreamer

In 1974, Arthur Fry was sitting in church.  The sermon was such that his mind wandered, daydreamed.  His loosened up brain made a connection between a not-so-sticky glue a co-worker at 3M concocted and Fry’s need for a better bookmark for his choir book.  Post It notes were invented.  Likewise, in Baltimore in 1865, Elvina Mable Hall’s mind wandered from her pastor/husband’s sermon and her now daydreaming brain  wrote “Jesus Paid It All”.  How appropriate that she wrote it down in the flyleaf of her hymnal.    What other great things have come about from a sermon that didn’t resonate with the parishioner?  Studies of daydreamers on fMRI scans show their minds are actually very active.   So it was with Fry, and with Elvina.  Of course, I won’t always admit to daydreaming in church.  I am usually very intent on the content of the sermon, whether I appear so or not, but the mind does wander sometimes.  I hope my daydreaming mind can be productive, though I wouldn’t anticipate anything as consequential as Fry’s or Hall’s creations.